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Briefly LED garden lights for what constitutes

Aug 04, 2015

We know LED garden lamp consists of LED light system, lamps, lamp rods, flanges and so on several parts, so we need to make some simple instructions, respectively so that we better understand what LED garden lights, also you can find a better way to use LED garden lights.

First view see LED glow system, currently we by said of LED light system basically including thermal, and distribution light, and LED module several part, this inside most important of is thermal aspects of design has, after all regardless of you of LED garden lamp how excellent, if thermal aspects not clearance also will greatly of effect LED garden lamp of using effect of, so in LED light system design Shang LED garden lamp obviously is need better of select, at least thermal Shang is must to do best of, Both drive and is the choice of material is important.

Second we to see lamps, General of of lamps internal are built-in has LED glow system, and wire General using CD line more some, according to need selection right specifications of line to for connection on can has, basically LED garden lamp online of processing Shang also is is convenient of, line of color select also has about, but General for are is to let LED garden lamp of performance play of more incisively.

Then is lamp Rod aspects of description, currently LED garden lamp selection of material including, diameter pipe, and, diameter aluminum tube, and aluminum lamp rod and so on, basically is most common of concentrated material, diameter size also has must of specifications, material thickness also including several General of size, which former of size including φ 60, and φ 76, and φ 89,, which of thickness is main by 2.5, and 3.0 and 3.5 several, can said specifications also is compared full of.

Last is flange and based pre buried pieces of set did, LED garden lamp in the most important of is flange has, installation zhiqian must to according to flange of size to selection right of screw rod, also dig of when also need according to corresponding of size, last is using cement concrete to fixed of when need 3-7 day until full solidification Hou again installation LED garden lamp, such to let LED garden lamp using of time more long, efficiency more high.

LED garden lights under the above simply said, and basically LED garden lights are this way, our understanding of these aspects also need to be added slowly, LED garden light you will need to take more time to learn.