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Characteristics of LED street lamps introduced

Aug 04, 2015

LED Street lamp lighting lamp, to light-emitting diodes as the light source, because it was a solid cold light source, with environment protection and pollution-free, low power consumption, high light efficiency, long life and other characteristics made of LED street lights.

Street lighting is an important part of urban lighting, traditional street lamps with high pressure sodium lamps, high pressure sodium lamp low the whole validity of disadvantage caused a huge waste of energy, therefore, the development of new high efficiency, energy-saving, long life, colour index, environmental lighting is of great significance for urban lighting.

LED street light is different from conventional high pressure sodium street lamps, high-power LED Street lamp light source with low voltage DC power supply, GaN based power blue LED and yellow phosphor synthesis of high efficiency white light diodes is efficient, safe, energy-saving, environmental protection and long life, fast response and high color rendering index unique advantages, can be widely used in the urban road lighting.