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Characteristics of the LED floodlight

Aug 04, 2015

Led floodlight is a uniform point source of exposure in all directions, many of my friends just started may not be clear what this means, in fact, it is called the spotlight, spotlights, is very common in architectural lighting tools one of the lamps, but for floodlight what do we know? We simply say the following characteristics of the led floodlight.

First the 1th, led floodlight is the selection of high-purity aluminum reflector, this design in part for concentrating and radiation has a great deal of help, its beam spread of precise cast light better than the average, of course, is also very good in the reflection effect, it is also a lot of places use led flood light is one of the important reasons.

Secondly, we all know led floodlight symmetrical narrow-angle, wide angle and asymmetric light distribution system, the better the project scope has a great role to play, but also to ensure the quality of light beam with astigmatism. Photos do not appear to have a place to another place according to circumstances, relative exposure area is relatively homogeneous.

Again we in using led Pan light lamp of when can using behind opened type replaced bulb, in major places appeared some emergency situation of when, must to has these aspects of should measures, so this design undoubtedly for better faster of play its effect is has great of promoted role of, and we know such design for maintenance Pan light lamp up also became easy has many, no so more of things need concerns.

Finally led floodlights used in our time can be adjusted according to the index plate from the angle, which we use on various occasions led floodlight has a very good role in adaptation, can cater to a variety of situations, for people who frequently use floodlights, undoubtedly is a very good design. In addition there are built-in LED floodlight can micro chip control, to the realization of a controller, also make their gradients, jumps and other effects, in some large sites can also have better performance.

But in using of process in the we will found actually led Pan light lamp also is exists with some problem of, like we how only can better of solution it of thermal problem is here surface most need concern of, because this problem not solution for its widely application also is has not small of effect of, and it of weight also not is light, transport up is some difficulty of.