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Factors impeding LED lights into Furniture lighting

Aug 04, 2015

No matter from what perspective, people now LED street light is applied to household confidence, with the development of LED street lamps, in the future, LED home lighting into millions of households is inevitable, it is also a trend. However, while LED outdoor lighting technology has matured, but under the current industry developments, LED lights into home lighting pace is relatively slow, why is that?

First is a product of higher prices, LED street lamps due to cost reasons, the price has been high, especially the living room lamp, its price and lamps prices too far from now, several times more expensive even, at this price, making it difficult for ordinary consumers to accept.

Second is the design LED Furniture lighting products, this is a very important link, at present, about most is the heat dissipation. Only solves cooling problem, can best solve the problem of degradation, however, this has been a very good solution, so as long as the price decline, then LED street light entering the home lighting just around the corner.

Therefore, LED street lamps in the home field of the promotion's biggest obstacle is its high prices, in fact, has undergone constant development, LED the technical aspects are pretty good. People bring energy saving benefits of LED products is desired, which is LED home lighting products access to opportunity.