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FAQ 1-Benefits Of Solar LED Street Lights

Aug 05, 2015

Benefits Of Solar LED Street Lights

A:Solar LED Street Lighting System
LED Lights is a fresh new alternative to traditional street lamps such as LPS, HPS, or MH street lights.
LED lighting provides a multitude of advantages over conventional incandescent light:

Advantages of Solar LED Street Lighting Projects
1). Green Energy, Lower Power Consumption, Save 60%-80% Than Others.

2). Higher Power, Higher Brightness Intensity, Good Color Rendition.

3). Save City Electricity Cost. Save Electric Transformer and Cable Cost. Free Maintenance

4). Environmental Impact - Eliminate Hazardous Disposal, Low Light Pollution, No Radiation.

5). Longer Lifetime: Between 50000-100000 Hrs. If lighting 12 Hrs/night, Could Use at Least 12 - 22 Years

6). Less Heat Generated Compared to Other Sources,

7). Solar Street Lights Are Independent of the City Power, Hence, It Is Useful For Remote Areas, Mountain Areas, Rural Villages, Etc.

8). Less Maintenance Cost, No Underground Cable

Lighting Effect