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How to make LED floodlights to buy

Aug 04, 2015

We all know that now LED floodlight is used in many occasions, so we need to know about LED floodlights all aspects of knowledge, needs to learn how to make LED floodlights procurement activities and matters need attention in the procurement process, we simply say the following.

First of all, we need to choose what is the first thing to do is to see if you need the brightness (MCD) floodlights, because different brightness if the price is different, in general these lamps also must comply with the laser level class I standard, this selection will be more at ease.

Second is the study on antistatic, LED floodlight using relatively long life, price doesn't come cheap, rather than static than 700V LED floodlight is also necessary to apply various occasions, so as to find yourself on the line.

Again is to select the wavelength LED flood lights colors need to be consistent, but relative prices are not low, need to produce color products need to meet these requirements.

Then there's leakage current requirements, leakage current of the LED floodlight is relatively a shorter lifespan, prices are not very high.

Then there is beam angle options, what angle you need to choose what kind of product, if you choose is the scattering angle you need better prices to be found because it is a special type of beam angle, design and use of effects is good.

Then there is decided according to the light and you choose what kind of LED floodlights, generally smaller lumen LED floodlights will be relatively much longer service life, and of course prices are not cheap.

Then look at what type of chip size and length of use, selection of the Japan-us chip prices than Taiwan and cheaper domestic chip, the overall quality and performance of the chip is relatively good, and the price becomes proportional to, good choice of chip is the key to find good LED floodlights.

Last is colloidal of select has, General LED Pan light lamp of colloidal is epoxy resin, and high quality of LED Pan light lamp on need has more good of anti-UV and the fire performance, we in select of when can according to need for select, also security can Shang of consider is is important of, after all wants to select good of LED Pan light lamp must to first concern about it of security performance, or behind appeared security problem on bad solution has.