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LED series-parallel with PFC power factor

Aug 04, 2015

AC220V high voltage isolation input-side capacity of electrolytic capacitors generally input power 1W=1UF,AC110V1W=2UF Power PFC has three cases currently on the market: one is with no PFC power factor compensation circuit, Its PF value General in 0.65 around; II species is no source power factor compensation PFC circuit of, is no source power factor compensation lamp, also called by flow circuit board is currently using most wide reliability best, PF value General in 0.92 around; also with three species is with has source Active type 7527/6561 circuit do of, is has source power factor compensation, called APFC circuit in the AC220V,AC110V can with with capacity of Electrolytic Capacitor, selection 1W=1.5UF. PF up to 0.99, but the cost of the programme slightly less expensive than second 1 time reliability. So the second option is more. Passive PFC circuit: also known as Valley-PFC circuit DC operating voltage range is half the peak AC input voltage. If input is 220V, and the maximum is 220*1.414=312V, half the peak voltage is 156V, based on the non-isolated output wave is no lower half-wave on wave.

LED Street lamp power beads series up to 45 strings respectively. Therefore, in order to get more power, lamp bead series cannot be too small, or not up to the best working state, isolated power supply serial number associated with the pair of winding turns, how many, power must do to meet the output power. Electronic components within the rated voltage range current as little heat as possible the end of longer, otherwise life will be shorter. LED Street lamp power beads to exchange very sensitive AC worse the higher the weight light comfort. General electrolytic capacitors should be used to maintain voltage to minimize the output voltage AC weight, base pressure-side capacity of electrolytic capacitors should not be too small, volume and output current for 1UF<1.5MA otherwise LED will be flashing. Non-isolated input selection and isolated the same high voltage Electrolytic Capacitor, the output capacitor selection 1UF<6MA. dimming LED power supply in electrolytic capacitors at the output to meet the 1UF<0.5MA.