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LED Street lamp has its advantages and disadvantages

Aug 04, 2015

LED Street lamp has now become the best choice for energy-saving reconstruction project, not only because of its environmental pollution, less power consumption, but also because it has characteristics of high light efficiency, long life, so more and more LED lights as people say to a known object. Below we briefly talk about the advantages and disadvantages of LED street lamps.

First of all, tell us about the advantages, and we all know led lights light in one-way, without diffusion, so the light efficiency is improved, in addition to using quadratic optical design to facilitate energy conservation, overall efficiency, and also did well on the light color, stronger than the effect of high pressure sodium lamp. Furthermore the most important point is one year less than 3% of light attenuation, for overall efficiency of LED street lamps has a great deal of help, supplemented by automatic energy-saving devices you can better play its role. Over 50,000 hours of using life and simple of installation steps undoubtedly is LED street of advantages, more alone environmental of material has, so can said LED Street in overall performance Shang also is good of, most let I think incredible of is its excellent of thermal control has, than traditional of street good has many, in summer thermal still on can will temperature control in 45 degrees following is a easily, for many municipal engineering selection LED Street as main of energy-saving tool also on not strange has, If using LED lights to replace HPS on the whole at least saves 60% of power, and require extremely low maintenance costs.

But LED lamps also have some of it, such as relatively low power single LED, not parallel, then the effect is not obvious, white light led itself due to design flaws, LED street light is prone to "yellow", which is what we call spot, while its exposure to non-uniform was used by many LED lights is a headache for those who. There are a number of relatively high power LED Street lamp on the cooling effect is not obvious, and with insufficient heat LED Street lamp brightness that appears will be insufficient, so we want to use LED lights, better not use power is relatively large.

Above we simple said has about on LED street of some advantages and disadvantages, believes with traditional street used of high pressure sodium gradually was its alternative, LED Street will increasingly General, and selection LED Street for national energy supply and demand highlight of contradictions also has not small of ease role, especially for whole municipal engineering for, selection has good of LED Street for save cost and optimization using efficiency Shang has great of help. We want to buy good LED lights, you can according to the strengths and weaknesses in the market to buy, also can better find your own using LED lights. Really do not understand you can find some professionals to understand the market.