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LED street light parallel and wide voltage of the power supply Board to how wide is it?

Aug 04, 2015

LED Street lamp power supply input voltage range wide range AC85-265V, the Board lights LED series-parallel mode is very important. Try not to use wide range voltage, can be divided into AC220V,AC110V categories as possible, so as to ensure reliability. Due to the current power supply is generally non-isolated buck constant-current power supply, asking when the voltage is 110V, not exceed 70V output voltage, serial number no more than 23. Input voltage: 220V output voltage can reach 156V. That is, the serial number does not exceed 45. Not too many parallel, or too much current, power serious fever. There is also a programme of wide range voltage, APFC active power compensation is used to L6561/7527 the voltage up to 400V, and buck, the equivalent of two switching power supplies. The proposal only under certain conditions.