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What are the advantages of led garden lights?

Aug 04, 2015

1, LED garden light energy-efficient: brightness case, LED energy saving lights 1000 hour 1 kWh of electricity consumption, usually incandescent lamps 17-hour 1 kWh of electricity consumption, LED garden light overall lighting effect is one of the most green, usually energy saving lamp 100 hours 1 kWh of electricity consumption, so buy LED energy saving lights can provide users thousands of electricity.

2 Super longevity, LED garden lights: LED Super theory of the use of energy-saving lamps life span of up to tens of thousands of hours, usually incandescent bulbs use span more than 1000 hours, its long-term effects, to unlimited products

3, LED garden lamp light healthy: no ultraviolet and infrared light, no radiation, no pollution. Often energy-saving lamp and incandescent light in the ultraviolet and infrared.

4, LED garden light green: does not contain harmful elements such as mercury and lead, have benefited from recovery and use, but not attack electromagnetic disturbance, usually tubes contain toxic elements such as mercury and lead, and electronic ballasts in energy-saving lamps will usually attack electromagnetic disturbance, so that when we use it, and will bring great benefits to the outdoors.

5, LED garden light maintenance of vision: optional DC power supply-driven, flicker-free, energy-saving lamps are usually AC drives, you must attack the stroboscopic eyes bad luck for a long time. Especially for children and youngsters the best vision maintenance