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Can You Find Glass In It?

Nov 09, 2018

Many clients like saying "I can get very cheap battery from other suppliers

Many clients like saying "I can get very cheap battery from other suppliers”, so how about the quality? As we all know, different price with different quality, many bad suppliers cheating on workmanship and materials to save cost, so that their price is very low and can attract some clients who is not professional. For these bad quality solar battery, yes, it can normal working at the first week, but this is false appearance, after one week, you will find the electricity power that battery can charge is increasing, if long time working like this, battery will break down soon.

We told these situation to clients who purchase cheap battery, we hope them can check the quality but not just attracted by low price, but they were not listening. 


Today, one of our Africa clients prove we are right with action. They find the battery not work( purchase from other supplier ), so pried up the battery box to check what happened, it shows 50% lead plate were replaced by common glass ! Unbelievable !


If clients purchase from BR Solar, this situation won’t happen, we never cheat clients! We make sure each piece battery use authentic materials and not afraid clients to check, keep good quality is our principle !


We, BR SOLAR, treat customers as our God, concentrate on quality control.

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