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BR SOLAR All In One Solar Street Light Supply In Mauritius

Feb 16, 2019

Mauritius is a famous tourist country.Blue sky, green sea, lush trees,Golden beach, all show the beauty of Mauritius.

Such a beautiful place is inseparable from the efficient use of green energy.Today,we recommend you the popular green lighting ----BR SOLAR All in One Solar Street Light.

1. Our lights use solar energy to generate light energy, and use famous brand Cree Chip--super bright with high lumen 150LM/W.


2. In terms of technology, we all use hot-dip galvanized for pole and J bolts and all brackets to effectively protect metal from rust in coastal areas.


3. We promise our clients 5 years warranty, The battery is a crucial factor. In order to extend the service life, we use LiFePO4 battery, battery cycle can arrive around 2000 times, high efficiency output, high temperature resistance, good security, very strong cycle life.


Below are the pictures of our Mauritius solar street light project for your reference.

If you want to know more about our solar products, pls contact us or welcome to enter www.cnstreetlight.com


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