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BR SOLAR 2kw Solar System In Yemen

Nov 05, 2018

As you known, Solar System is widely used for the areas with power shortages and instability, Yemen is a war-torn country, and of course it’s necessary.


This client bought the solar panel, solar battery, solar inverter from other suppliers before, and he hesitated to buy from us due to the price, finally he chose us after knowing our quality control and warranty time, and also we issue the warranty certificate with our company stamp.


After the sample order placing for 2kw whole set solar system, we tried our best to make the samples asap with good quality, and our R&D department tested them carefully with perfect performance.


For safety transportation on the shipping way to Yemen, we packed them with wooden case. So the goods are 100% in good condition when customer receive it. He was very satisfied with our good service for sample production, delivery, packing, shipping...


He left a message ”Good BR SOLAR” to our facebook after testing of the solar system , 3 very simple words make us happy and meaningful.


As the customer said, he will place bulk order for 200 sets soon. 


We BR SOLAR treat quality as our company life all the time.


If you want to know more about our products, pls contact us or welcome to enter www.cnstreetlight.com 

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