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BR Solar-Alibaba Group Batt

Sep 03, 2020

About the event


"What is a warrior, a warrior is that when facing his country and relatives, he never talks about conditions." Although we are not really warriors on the battlefield, if we allow ourselves to survive in this era when the strong are eliminated and the weak are eliminated, we can continue to strive for self-improvement and do something for our family and society with our own abilities. How often is not a warrior. What?

In the Internet age, e-commerce is gradually changing people's lives and consumption habits. The participating members of the Hundred Regiment War all have a feeling of excitement: the joy of pursuit, focus, and success! After the baptism of the Alibaba One Hundred Regiments Battle, we will continue to carry forward the bright sword spirit of the game in our future work.





We look forward to achieving a good result during the competition and hope the event will be a complete success.

Attn:Mrs Crystal Cao