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Cameroon 550PCS Solar LED Street Light In September 2017.

Sep 07, 2017

The customer comes from Cameroon,we know each other since 2016.This customer purchases Solar LED Street Light for government. During the procurement,he chooses many suppliers to compare,and he requires to visit China face to face. But fortunately, he decides to visit our company at first. In the process of visit our company, our engineers show our sample of the Solar LED Street Light, and they are satisfied with our manufacturing workshop. After the trip, he go back home without visit other suppliers.

Cameroon government accept his report and prepare to sign the contract. During the payment terms, To reach agreement for long term business cooperation. The supported payment term is 100% L/C.We give our customer the greatest financial support.

The customer is appreciated us very much and hope the opportunity to cooperate again.


Order Quantity:350PCs 40W LED  

Order Quantity:100PCs 80WLED  

Order Quantity:100PCs 120W LED


Lighting time:11-12Hrs/Night*3-4 overcast raining days (With dimming function).

Here is Solar LED Street Light Detailed Picture For Your Reference:


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