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High Power LED Street Lamp Cooling Solutions

Aug 04, 2015

Decision led plant lighting applications in several key technology, thermal design is a very important part, but also restricts its access to one of the most widely used techniques to. In other words, thermal design will directly determine the LED plant lighting performance advantages and disadvantages as well as the actual application can achieve success.

A, high-power LED thermal solution

Power LED is constitute LED factory lamp of basic glow source, currently of chip electric p light conversion efficiency is low, only 15%~20%, chip of physical size for 1~6125mm2, area is small, power density and the heat is big, by consumption power in the of 80%~85% will conversion for heat and need was distributed off, and chip of temperature over must value Shi, glow wavelength variable long, color occurred red moved, will led to chip out light efficiency declined and using life reduced, many asked. Therefore, to ensure effective use of high-power LED normal, heat dissipation is first of all crucial problems to be solved.

Two, the life span of LED junction temperature and luminous flux,

Based on the characteristics of high power LED, its junction temperature and luminous flux of size, the length of life has a direct interest.

As the LED chip junction temperature increases, its luminous flux output drop in regularly, the service life is also showing a downward trend in the fast. Therefore reducing chip is maintained within the permitted range was LED first to resolve key technical issues.

Third, LED packaging, thermal

Thermal design of the LED package is determined by the LED production process. Figure 2 shows the LED package thermal design of general process advances, primarily by chip thermal design and packaging design. In this way, through scientific and rational design can be satisfactory LED Guide for heat and cooling.

Four, the LED of the secondary cooling solutions

For commercially available high-power LED, built by its chip package thermal design is fixed, use cannot be changed, therefore when used as lighting in lamps is needed according to actual working condition and the working conditions of secondary thermal solution design.