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How To Protect Solar Panel And Battery Of Solar Light?

Dec 01, 2020


Hi friend, Have your solar project’sbatteries or solar panel ever been stolen? Do you feel angry and helpless? Haveyou been looking for ways to prevent theft ? Like below pictures.


We BR SOLAR, not only provide clientsatisfied products, but also focus on how to help clients to solve theseproblems. For theft problem, our solution is to use anti-theft climb thorn,This method can effectively improve the theft! Let me show you some of oursuccessful projects.


Our anti-theft climb thorns are suitablefor different kinds pole and very useful to protect the battery, solar paneland LED lamp from theft. The material is hot-dip galvanized iron steel, the lifespanis more than 20 years, no rust, no corrosion, many clients speak highly of it.

If you have this problems, welcome yourinquiry for the design. We will offer you customized design based on yourdemands.

Attn: Mrs Crystal Cao