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Jordan 300pcs Solar LED Street Light In September 2017.

Sep 21, 2017

Design with 130W LED ,6000LM LED chip, 12M Pole Height, The  Solar LED Street Light with Buried Type Battery.

   This customer comes from Jordan and he bids for a government project of bridge road.His team searched online for our company as is well-known supplier of solar street lights in china and they leaved a message on our website, He requires to visit China face to face. Yeah,it’s our pleasure, We can provide them with sample test and we welcome them to visit our original factory.

They comes 4 persons of boss,engineer,purchaser and assistant. After visiting our factory,they found that our engineer and sales man are so professional and the production line of our factory  is very standard. They placed a big order after seeing all here in our factory and said that this trip to Yangzhou was very happy and invited us to visit Jordan.


Purchasing Quantity :300pcs.

Lighting time :12Hrs/Night*3-4 overcast raining days(With dimming function).

Here is the Detailed Pictures Of Jordan 300pcs Solar LED Street Light For Your Reference



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