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KENYA 120pcs Solar LED Spot Light In September 2017.

Sep 11, 2017

  This customer leaved a message on our website. He told our sales woman his own target price at the beginning, and hope we can provide a very low price. Because we are original factory to ensure that our product is of high quality. As we all know that high quality product has very less profit but can use longer time. After mail and calling several times, Finally we sent a sample to them. After they received the sample and checked it ,they are satisfied with every thing.Our BOSS decided to provide him a very competitive price to support his starting business. At last this customer placed this order and say: your price still higher than our target price, But,we like your service!You Win! 


Order quantity:120pcs Solar LED Spot Light

Here Detailed Pictures Of KENYA 120pcs Solar LED Spot Light For Your Reference:


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