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LED Lights Than Smaller, More Traditional Street Lights Blue

Aug 04, 2015

Lin Yandan, evaluation of discomfort glare of traditional standards and is based on the traditional nature of the light source, may not be suitable for LED lights, for example, the same brightness than traditional LED lamps of smaller, this may increase discomfort glare. In addition, a typical white LED the blue part of the spectrum more energy, it can also cause more glare, because, based on previous studies, in the context of the same brightness, brighter vision blue light.

Investigation, the team designed a laboratory setting, imitating different under road lighting conditions. Research personnel will a room of ground and wall surface all coated black, and in room around placed different of light imitation dark of road Shang LED street of lighting situation, research personnel adjustment light, created 72 species different of light conditions, volunteers observer was requirements on not comfortable glare light of level for defined, total 9 a grade volume, from "humble" to "to stand".

Glare test before the test there are some benchmarks, Lin Yandan said: "Although the uncomfortable glare of the characteristics of traditional source for LED lights may not be applicable, but may affect comfort and glare of factors remain unchanged. "The researchers modified the experimental four-point lighting system parameters: brightness of LED lighting, background brightness, from the observer's point of view dimensions of LED lights, LED and observe the angle of sight.