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Led Street Lamp Modular Design You Can Say Goodbye To Respiratory Effects

Aug 04, 2015

Effect of outdoor lighting to avoid breathing in the application, the water vapor condenses into water, stay inside the lamp, causing dead lamp, which is the result of insufficient protection class lamp failure.

Modular design of the lamp makes outdoor lights bid farewell to respiratory effects, is done with double silicone rubber ring LED chip and completely cut off from the outside world, each layer of protection up to IP68, to eliminate all the water vapor or other harmful gases, erosion of the chip and PCB boards and screw-free structure is designed to avoid moisture penetration.

Meanwhile, on outdoor lighting products for cooling, compared the whole layout lamps, modular lamps can use air convection, and is very good for heat dissipation. This module not only through the radiator, by means of special structure design, also has the whole structure radiates function.