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LED Street Light Retrofit Surge In Global Regions

Aug 04, 2015

LED street light retrofit surge in global regions, while in the last couple of years, smart city concept as well as related policies to promote "high cool" smart lamp will then appear in the main cities.

Hangzhou intelligent Streetlight news some time ago aroused public concern. Urban management in Hangzhou Huang Gu Hill Road not far from the xixi campus of Zhejiang University integrated Intelligent Streetlight pilot project, the aim is to get the city's Streetlight intelligence Chengguan uniform distribution of important nodes of the Internet of things. Both meet people on the road can enjoy WIFI, cell phone charging basic needs and achieve the quality of lighting control effect, it is the best of both worlds.

In addition to Hangzhou smart streetlights high-sounding, many cities have been implementing intelligent street lighting systems. Tianjin plans to transform high pressure mercury lamp, and promote the development of green lighting of the city. Also, will be built in the country take the lead in street lamp intelligent monitoring center, and special lines for street light control and time-controlled with a combination of control methods, based on sunrise and sunset times real-time capture outdoor illumination changes, sent automatically switch on the light when reaching the set Lux instructions.

The Internet of things, Internet + introduced the concept of the smart city concept of full, currently has more than 500 cities in China to Smart City pilot, plans to invest over a trillion. Smart street lights to a first-class soldiers build smart city, its most urgent demand.

Meanwhile, Philips, general lighting (GE) and other traditional domestic leading enterprises in traditional street lamps or lighting giant, will turn to the development of intelligent lights. Intelligent lighting as a profitable technology niche, get on the same street with high Maori, it was seamless "dual profit" combination. "All of the business units, the company's senior leaders think of lighting in this opportunity is the fit of the highest, because the city has a large number of street lights, Smart City, if the lamps are each connected to the Internet, every light pole will become intelligent network data platform, forming a street network. "Chen Han, General Manager of GE lighting in China has said. GE lighting and GE as a whole in the future development of the company focus on intelligent street lights will be turned into a smart platform company.