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Love Is Boundless, Together With Philippines!

Nov 20, 2020

The typhoon hit the Philippines a few days ago, bringing strong winds and heavy rainfall, killing dozens of people and damaging a large number of houses, farmland and facilities. Currently, hundreds of thousands of people are still homeless in the Philippines.


Known from the Report, small town of Virac on Catanduanes island, home to some 70,000, where contact has been lost since Goni made landfall. Seven people, including a five-year-old child in Albay province, are reported to have died, two drowned, another was swept away by volcanic mud and another killed by a falling tree. It is only one of the towns are suffering with destruction caused by the flood.





We also called one of our friend named Jackson who from the Bicol Region of the Philippines told us that his hometown is a more severely disaster area. The local typhoon bring floods, which caused tens of thousands of families to be displaced and most of the buildings were destroyed.

Briefly introduce: BR SOLAR was established in 1997, mainly to export solar street lights& Solar Power System over the world, especially famous in Asia and Africa Market.


The company's mission is to illuminate every dark corner of the earth, develop clean energy. Over time, we have many solar projects in the Philippine market and have established a deep friendship with local people who are not only our customers, but also our friends and families.


In view of this , On November 17, BR SOLAR made donations for the disaster-stricken areas in the Philippines that were hit hard by this year's super typhoon "Huan Gao".


The whole team have generously donated their money and did their best to provide goods with company solar products together to show love and support to the people in the disaster area. Total we collected rmb15,700 yuan plus usd11000 equal value of solar home kits to provide electricity for people to keep basic life at this time. All the funds and materials collected will be directed to the needs of the people in the typhoon-affected areas by air shipping.


Now the Philippines need help urgently. In the future, we will continue to help some people in need, as like what we did in Kenya ,Tanzania ,Uganda etc some African countries in the past years. Many small things we are doing now will bring a lot of positive meanings to others’ lives which will also strengthens our will for companies and individuals.


The road to public welfare is long and difficult, but we have been on the road!

Attn:Mrs Crystal Cao