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Madagascar 380pcs Solar LED Street Light In August 2017

Aug 30, 2017

This customer is a company purchaser,he would like to cooperate with us and wanted to order our BR company’s Solar LED Street Light , tell us that our configurations is very good,the quality of our product is really high and satisfied,but it’s a pity that they do not have enough money to pay the large order.Because our low price is over 10% of their target price.

Finally we sent a sample to them,when they received the goods and checked it ,they are satisfied with evry thing,so they order and draft a contract with us, request production as soon as possible. For payment terms, We give our customer the greatest financial support.


Order Quantity:100PCs 6M 40W single arm

Order Quantity:100PCs 6M 40W double arms

Order Quantity:90PCs 8M 60W single arm

Order Quantity:90PCs 8M 60W double arms


Here Detailed Pictures Of Madagascar 380pcs Solar LED Street Light For Your Reference



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