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Mali 800PCs Solar Home System In September 2017

Sep 14, 2017

       This Customer is from Mali, a regular customer for Solar Street Lights and Solar Garden Lights.

        The quality of our products has been recognized by the customer and they are quite satisfied with our after-sales service also and trust us very much.

In the Mali, there is no stable city electricity in many cities. They go out without Torch Light so it is hard to go out for all kind of activities at night. Especially in the refugee camp, when it comes to night, people only work by moon light.

Solar Home System absorb sun’s energy to light up your home and power your home electrical appliances including charging mobile,watching TV. Solar Home System can be used in many different locations. It is very popular over there and be used easier and very cheaper.


Purchasing Quantity of Torch Light :500pcs.

Purchasing Quantity of solar lighting kit:300pcs


Here Detailed Pictures Of Mali 800pcs Solar Home System For Your Reference:


solar lighting kit_副本.jpg

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