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New Solar-powered Green Lights Pop

Aug 04, 2015

As everyone's awareness of energy saving and environmental protection increased, many products at value-for-money low consumption and energy-saving directions in development. On our side, and many public facilities as well. Now, is popular abroad new solar-powered environmentally friendly street lamps, can be powered by solar energy, and made great contributions to energy saving and environmental protection.

This new environmentally friendly lamps LED light source with a height of 4.5 meters, after a particular calculation, can meet only to a maximum extent lighting needs. Street lamps with solar photovoltaic equipment, installed on top of the lamp in a slanted manner, each street lamp PV devices an area of up to 1.3 meters. When too sunny when you can have a peak output power of solar cells as 165-190Wp.

Each lamp has a built-in two battery modules can store 230 ampere hours of power, can meet the needs of lighting in the evening. But to be on the safe side, the new lights also connected to the power grid, can guarantee in the case of rainy days in a row unable to get solar energy, is still in use. In addition, the built-in intelligent control system, you can also calculate Sunrise and sunset times for the year so that you can control switches.