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Nigeria 350PCs 60W Solar LED Street Light In September 2017

Sep 18, 2017

This Customer is from Nigeria.

     The Solar LED Street Light using solar power, a day of heat during the day, night enough lighting. Africa is one of the most abundant solar energy, it is a good, really good, green energy, no pollution. Nigeria has good solar radiation conditions, the government says it will rapid development the solar power, also a high level of support. Solar and other renewable resources project is the development trend of Nigeria later.

      Solar LED Street Light are not influenced by the local State Grid, also do not need large electricity burden, they can light during all the night. Staying in Nigeria, when you go out at night, there are Solar LED Street Light on the road, traffic more safety. This is the happiness of the Nigeria people , look forward to Nigeria will be better!

      This customer has cooperated with us from year 2009, the quality of our products has been recognized by the customer and they are quite satisfied with our after-sales service also. Therefore, the client chooses us again and again because we have a professional team to design the most cost-effective configuration, which improves his work efficiency, saving time and saving costs.

  We hope to continue with considerable business dealing with you.


Purchasing Quantity :350pcs 60W Solar LED Street Light

Lighting time :11Hrs/Night*3-4overcast raining days.

Here Detailed Pictures Of Nigeria Solar LED Street Light For Your Reference:

LED Testing and Packing.jpg

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