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Portable Solar-powered House Shown In Shanghai To The United States Entry

Aug 04, 2015

Tongji University students to design and build mobile solar container on 16th Shanghai, provides a new way for people of low-carbon life, and will be held in Washington in September of this year 2011 United States Solar Decathlon.

The same day, cost $ 250,000, 6 containers are assembled into the y-shaped space, fully equipped with furniture and electrical appliances, all supplied by the solar electricity at home "Sun room container" attracted attention.

Reporters on the scene saw, a total of 90 square meters space, can accommodate up to a family of "comfortable" solar house, Bamboo flooring on the floor, one side of the House there is a foldable bed, bed pick up followed by the Cabinet. The other side is the fully equipped kitchen and bathroom, roof set up solar panels to provide electricity and hot water, living water by sewage purification system. Small living room has both a restaurant and library functions. Houses South transparent, 2 containers each 120 degree angle installation is designed to provide maximum angle of view. Floor to ceiling glass doors of the container link straight to the external terrace and backyard before. Only houses huge metal latch on both sides, will serve as a reminder of this lovely house associated with the heavy container.

"Ceiling, and wall, and ground are with high performance of new vacuum insulation Board; will solar hot set hot and air conditioning waste heat recycling, integrated for one, improve has solar of General using efficiency", project head, and Tongji University green building and the new Energy Research Center Executive Deputy Director Tan Hongwei introduced has Sun housing integrated of more items building energy-saving technology, like using guide light tube will natural light introduced for indoor lighting, roof configuration has rain collection and in the water back with system, maximum to using natural resources,.

In addition, indoor environmental monitoring, energy management, equipment management, and all other digital, information visualization, housing production, energy consumption, living environment and other data information in real time Visual display, 3G mobile phones and other mobile terminal can also be used for remote monitoring.