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Produce Your Own Clean Energy

Aug 02, 2019

Are you still worry about a sudden power outage? Are you still headache about the high electricity bill? Do you know why more and more people choose to use solar home system? 

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Since solar home system really can bring convenience to people's life also can relieves their living stree

Do you know why more and more people choose BR Solar brand with confidence and what's the convenience of BR Solar system can bring you? 

  • BR Solar manufacture solar home system from 5W to 200KW( also can customs-made according to your requests), meet the loading of your different household appliances

  • Can achieve your electricity freedom. Large enough storage design let you never worry about power outage

  • Happy price with good quality, Easy Installation and maintenance, max save electricity bill, protect environment

  • 5W-60W portable one even can let you make money ( Provide temporary mobile phone charging services )

One set solar home system, lighting the whole night without any cost. your home need one set (BR Solar Brand)

We, BR SOLAR, treat client as our God, concentrate on quality control.

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