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Russia 120pcs Solar LED Street Light And 80pcs Traffic Lights In September 2017

Sep 04, 2017

 As a purchasers who is a environmentalist,all goods he purchased must be friendly to the environment.Then our Solar LED Street Light is very good, green energy, no pollution,friendly to the environment.So he chooses us.

This customer is from Russia,as a whole Russia sunshine is not very good in winter and Solar LED Street Light is not very common also. In order to consider the snow and overcast rainy days in the winter, our engineers suggest that the buried type battery are better for their projects, because this will make the battery box reduce snow pressure and the overall effect also more beautiful.

 He is very satisfied with the specification configuration which our engineers provide and hope the opportunity to cooperate again.

Design with 50W LED ,130LM/W LED chip, 7M Pole Height, The Solar LED Street Light with Buried Type Battery.


Purchasing Quantity :120pcs Solar LED Street Light

Purchasing Quantity: 80pcs Traffic LlightS

Lighting time :14Hrs/Night*4-5 overcast raining days.

  Here Detailed Pictures Of Russia 120pcs Solar LED Street Light and 80pcs Traffic Lights For Your Referenceļ¼š



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