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Solar How To Move To A City?

Aug 04, 2015

At present, solar building integrated solar thermal utilization enterprise is placed in numerous front to live through. Don't do it, means that companies will lose the initiative in future market competition. Doing, faces from the manufacturers transition to a system integrator in the quagmire.

This year, many domestic solar water heater business a bit depressed: countryside policy effect weakens, market demand, weak competition, facing the urban transition in rural areas, rely on the rural market and moist survived the end of the day.

Policy support is gradually increasing

In the country in the medium and long-term development plan for renewable energy, clearly identify the objectives to focus on the development of solar thermal utilization in the city promoting integration of solar architecture, solar water heating project and construction of solar heating and cooling demonstration project. In rural areas and small towns to promote household solar water heater, solar and solar cookers. By 2020, the national heat collecting area of up to 300 million square meters of solar water heaters and other solar thermal utilization, annual alternative energy capacity of 60 million tons of standard coal.

In recent years, the Ministry of housing, Ministry of finance about the renewable energy sources Act introduced "renewable energy building demonstration" project, to encourage and promote local government in building a unified design, planning application of solar thermal systems. Liang Junqiang says "Twelve-Five" period, the State for building integrated solar energy development will also increase the intensity of policies to promote, from the original demonstration project showed rural county and other areas of the city during the upgrade process, and would further expand the number of model cities. ”

Break through the traditional thinking

This year, the Central Government will be built in the country this year to 10 million units of public housing in the next 5 years to build urban low-income housing projects to 36 million units. The release of this policy, again stirring hot building integrated solar thermal domestic enterprises to participate in the development of enthusiasm and motivation. Linuo Paradigma, Sun, rain and other companies are also clear that the opportunity to take advantage of affordable housing, promote building-integrated applications.

Future development of solar companies must be "demand-led, from the viewpoint of construction and real estate development enterprises to solve hot water supply, and to provide them with genuine need for system solutions and services." In order to break the current bottleneck of restricting building integrated solar thermal application.