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Solar LED Street Lights Will Replace The AC LED Street Lights

Aug 04, 2015

Now may have very few people doubt the advantages of LED street lighting relative to the HPS lamp. However, it is regrettable that most of the LED lamps still used AC power supply, AC circuits on the one hand light technology is already very mature, and solar street lamps there are many uncertain factors, on the other hand the main consideration was the initial investment is too large to ignore the many advantages of solar power.

Known solar-one of the most important advantage is that it is an inexhaustible and cleanest renewable! It will solve the Earth warming problem! It will eventually replace all energy!

Alternating LED lights solar LED lights?

But really want to replace all energy with solar energy is still a long-term and arduous task, although solar energy everywhere, however its collection needs some exposure area. Desert is the most ideal location, but long-distance transmission and distribution will consume a large amount of expensive copper wire, only the value next to the desert cities to try out. While in densely populated areas of big cities is very difficult to find such an empty open locations. Restricted by the economic conditions in rural areas, and are unlikely to now on a large scale. Any new things it is best to start from tinkering, and the use of "homegrown" approach, street lighting is one of the best first solar pilot project. Moreover, energy conservation and emission reduction must be advocated by the Government, even as Germany as government subsidies to sell. Fortunately Street project is the Government project, is carried out by the Government bidding. Government policy makers must understand clearly, LED lamps is sure to replace the high pressure sodium lamp, at the same time, solar LED Street lamp is certain to replace the AC power LED lights.