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Solar Street Light For Jordan

Sep 22, 2018

As we all know Jordan is a tourist country, its charming scenery and clean city appearance and beautiful sky attract more and more tourists to come. You know why its Sky so blue? because of less air pollution. At this time, we think it's necessary to introduce you the popular green lighting system in their local--Solar Street Light, it contribute a lot to Jordan's environment, fully using solar energy, lighting the Jordan's night, lighting the Jordanian's life !.


Below are the pictures of our Jordan solar street light project for your reference


Maybe you want to ask what's the main advantages of your solar street light? here is the answer for your better knowing:

1. Our LED lamp use famous brand Bridgelux Chip , super bright with high lumen 140LM/W-160LM/W.

2. Solar panel with A grade cells, energy conversion rate has reach 20%

3. Hot-dip galvanized pole and deep cycle gelled battery

4. Intelligent working mode also can be set by your requests

5. High quality and Happy price


We, BR SOLAR, treat customers as our God, concentrate on quality control.

If you want to know more about us, pls contact us or welcome to enter www.cnstreetlight.com. 


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Thanks for your time in reading and sharing the information and if you are interested, please mail or call us.