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Take You To Visit Our Light Pole Processing

Nov 01, 2018

Everyone needs street lights to illuminate the way home. With the development of society, there is an increasing demand for road lighting.


The light pole is the pillar of the street light. The are various poles : galvanized Iron Pole, hot-dip galvanized pole, Passivate pole, etc.

In terms of shape, there are divided into: tapered ,square ,hexagonal ,octagonal ,etc.


The following is the production process of poles:

1、Rolling---The machine rolls the steel sheet into a cylinder.

2、Welding---The welding machine welds the joints well.

3、Hot-dip galvanized--- Not easy to rust. Pole and flange material:Q235

4、Grinding---Manual grinding and machine grinding.

5、Bending---Base on customer requirements.


7、Drying finished products.


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