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Technological Innovation To Accelerate Solar Thermal Industry Upgrading

Aug 04, 2015

Solar thermal industry today can be said to have experienced "from hot water to heat", "from commercial to industrial", "scattered to the integration" of technological progress. Along with technical innovations and breakthroughs in the next few years, solar thermal industry already has "high temperature", "industrial energy use" to "solar building integration" conditions of industrial upgrading.

Fill the 150 ℃ temperature technology

In 21st century, China entered a period of rapid development, large companies emerged once into staking, low price competition of the industry cycle, resulting in before the temperature in solar applications all stop at the hot level. Until 2010, 150 ℃ temperature district technology blank of solar full glass vacuum set pipe and vacuum tube set hot device of available, only real achieved has solar application from hot to heat of change, opened has solar heating refrigeration, and seawater desalination, and industrial and agricultural with hot, multiple application field, in one fell swoop became solar hot using a most important of milestone--not only can provides hot, also can efficient produced power.

In fact, in the core parts of vacuum tube collectors "in power", the solar water heater experience CPC-U vacuum tube collectors and titanium coating "Titanium gold" typical of the transition period. Linuo group successfully developed CPC-U vacuum tube collectors up to 120 ℃ hot water not only laid a large scale solar hot water engineering, will fuel the set temperature in thermal technology was born.

Integrated heating systems of industrial energy

Low carbon era, has become one of the focal points of energy saving, building energy efficiency, industrial energy conservation is the national energy-saving emission reduction a top priority. Total energy consumption in the industrial energy consumption occupies the whole society 70% of background, the solar industry application of heat energy is a top priority, and industrial heat focused on the reality of 80-250 ℃ solar companies ahead of a storm.

Despite the difficulties, CPC temperature based on solar energy technology, integrated with new boiler heating system with a solar boiler system was successfully developed as scheduled. This integrated set of thermodynamic system based on temperature in the hot area of 5200 square meters, saving 1156 tons of standard coal, carbon dioxide emissions 3005 tons, completed the fundamental changes in the solar energy industry from residential to industrial.

Split-perfect combination of technology and architecture

Compared to stages of solar energy heat utilization technology research, "building" is dipped in the entire development process. Many years ago, water heaters only stay in the civilian phase, more than to resolve the disorder caused by the installation of solar energy property disputes, architectural diversity but also to higher water heater business requirements.