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Thailand 410pcs Solar LED Street Light In September 2017

Sep 02, 2017

  This customer is professional Solar LED Street  Light purchasers.As a goverment project every decision made by the customer is very cautious. He the first time to buy our product, after mail and calling several times, He asked his China friend to visit our factory and then trust us very much.According to customer’s requirement.We recommended to choose intelligence Solar LED Street Light.During communication,the customer appreciated for salesman’s rich experience and  professional advice. He said he would like to continue with considerable business dealing with us in the future.

  Design with 7M Pole Height with single arm and double arms. The Solar LED Street Light with Buried Type Battery.


Order Quantity:260PCs 7M Pole Height with single arm

Order Quantity:150PCs 7M Pole Height with double arms

Here Detailed Pictures Of Thailand 410pcs Solar LED Street Light For Your Reference:


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