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Thailand 80pcs Wind Turbine Solar LED Street Lights In September 2017

Sep 19, 2017

Design with 15W LED ,6000LM LED chip, 5M Pole Height, Wind Turbine 300W,The Wind Turbine Solar LED Street Lights with Hanging Type Battery.

  This customer comes from Thailand and he is a professional purchaser. He wanted to buy some beautiful and green street light so he chooses our company. Because we promise to all the clients that we only offer real quality products.

 Advantage of Wind Turbine Solar LED Street Lights:

1.      Generating power day and night with solar panel generate electricity from the sun in the day and solar wind turbine from the wind in the day and also in the night, Integration Solar and Wind Energy to make the solar LED street lights works more stable.

2.      Balance seasonal power output difference of wind and solar.

3.      Independent system, no city grid cable needed.

4.      Longer battery life.

5.      East installation, simple operation, applicable in majority of roads.

6.      Intelligent lighting control system, maintenance free.


Purchasing Quantity :80pcs.

Lighting time :12Hrs/Night*3-4 overcast raining days(With dimming function).

Here is the Detailed Pictures Of Thailand 80pcs Wind Turbine Solar LED Street Lights For Your Reference


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