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World's Most Successfully Developed High Power LED Street Lamp

Aug 04, 2015

Leading enterprises of lighting industry, China Shi Fute again achieved a major technological breakthrough, successfully developed a power 480W power LED Street lamp in the world, capturing the high power and high brightness light emitting diode (LED) meets the road lighting requirements long impregnable on this international problem.

It is reported that, compared with conventional lighting, LED lighting with superior energy-saving environmental protection, known as "21st century new light source", also by our "Eleven-Five" plan as priority projects in the energy sector. Shi Fute the development into of world Shang most power of LED Street, is in absorption international tip technology of based Shang independent development and into, single lamp power can reached 480W, maximum light effect can reached 84lm/W, new products are used patent light management device and the distribution light design, makes street lighting regional shape rules, as degrees uniform, and effective inhibit glare light, while has more high of take light efficiency, full meet modern road lighting design of requirements. Three-cavity structure patent technology and product application, in the lamp for LED light and LED control circuit uses its own seal-holding cavity, the LED light source and driving circuit without increasing the distance between heat transfer to the case does not have a direct, enhanced the stability of the circuit, and further increases the service life of the lamps. It is understood that the history of Ford's production of LED-240W and LED-480W Street, and the lighting effects of light and shade over 400W, 800W high pressure sodium lamps.

Shi Fute high power LED Street lamp light United States white-light LED CREE company chips, which LED the highest light efficiency of light source products exceeded that of the 84lm/W, and have low production costs, performance stability, market open, efficient, energy-saving, long life, good color rendering index, cold light source, the advantages of environment-friendly, designed to replace traditional light sources such as HPS has obvious advantages.

According to Shi Fute brand Director introduction, LED the life of an ordinary Street lamp 4 times, LED street lamps in the last 12 years without changing. In addition, the LED lamp's biggest advantage lies in the province. If the national secondary road above all LED lights, when you can save electricity consumption nearly a year 5 billion-kilowatt. Conversion is to save 2 million tons of standard coal, reducing CO2 emissions by 1 million tons, reducing SO2 emissions by 43,000 tons, LED lamp technology, economic, social and environmental benefits will be increased and became more and more significant.