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Zambia 200pcs 90AH Batteries In September 2017

Sep 01, 2017

Zambians are outgoing and able to sing and dance.Zambia has a mild climate and summer clothes can be worn year-round.Zambia’s city streets are beautiful.

It is our pleasure that this customer has chosen us Bright Solar Solutions Co.,Ltd and ordered 200pcs 90AH batteries from us. For this order client pay much attention on the emergency shipment (should be finish at the end of this month) .It will be a big challange for us since recently are special time,we will produce these 90AH batteries as fast as we can after repeated confirmation by the sales and engineers. At last the order was finished within 15 days and the customer was very satisfied then he had sent all balance to our company.
  He said he would like to continue with considerable business dealing with us.


Order Quantity:200PCs 90AH Battery,GEL terminal Battery

Here is Zambia 200pcs 90AH Batteries Detailed Picture For Your Reference:


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