Poly And Mono Solar Modules

Poly And Mono Solar Modules
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Yangzhou Bright Solar Solutions Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China poly and mono solar modules manufacturers and suppliers, and as a professional company, we have our own productive factory, which is able to produce best and newest poly and mono solar modules products, welcome to buy or wholesale products from us.

Poly & Mono Solar Modules:
Solar Modules is made up of high quality solar cell with high efficiency and transmission rate, low iron tempered glass, anti-aging EVE, high flame resistant TPT/BBT and anodized aluminum alloy.
Manufacturing with IEC61215 standard, could widely used in solar power station, building, solar street lighting, traffic, etc
The Solar Modules has a photovoltaic cell inside, which converts solar energy into an electrical current. A solar panel's effectiveness depends on the size and quality of the solar cell and the transparency of the protective cover/glass.
Its Merits: High efficiency, Long life, Easy installation,

There are 2 types of solar modules: mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline silicon type solar modules.
Mono Crystalline Silicon Solar Modules
Poly Crystalline Silicon Solar Modules.

Limited Warranty: Details, Download 18.1
Workmanship for 5 years,90% of minimum power output over 12 years,80% over 20 years. The solar panels are manufactured in according to the IEC61215 Standards.
Lifespan:20-25 Years

Quality Controlling For BR Solar Marked Solar Modules:
A. Before production
-Control of raw material before use
-Data recording of raw material→products traceability
B. During production
-Control at each step of production
-Validation of each step by quality controllers
C. After production
-Systematic flash test on each PV modules
-Quality control with IEC compliance
-Tests in our facility testing
-Optional: Third party inspection before shipment if needing.


    18.1   Limited Warranty for PV Modules---BR SOLAR

    18.2   Momo 80W-100W  Tech Parameters

    18.3   Momo 130W-150W  Tech Parameters

    18.4   Momo 160W-200W  Tech Parameters

    18.5   Momo 240W-260W  Tech Parameters

    18.6   Momo 250W-300W  Tech Parameters

    18.7   Poly 130W-150W  Tech Parameters

    18.8   Poly 240W-260W  Tech Parameters

    18.9   Poly 250W-300W  Tech Parameters

Some Popular Solar Modules Models For Choosing  Download 18.2-----18.9
Mono 125*125 Cell Power 80W-100W; Mono 156*156 Cell Power 130W-150W;
Mono 125*125 Cell Power 160W-200W;Mono 156*156 Cell Power 240W-260W;
Mono 156*156 Cell Power 250W-300W

Poly 156*156 Cell Power 130W-150W;Poly 156*156 Cell Power 240W-260W;
Poly 156*156 Cell Power 250W-300W;
Other Power is available.

Solar Modules Packing---25PC/CTN/Pallet

Solar Modules Picture---Mono 190W


Some More Pictures for producing and packing power solar panels, solar modules:

Solar PV Panel Machine

Solar PV Modules Machine

PV Panel Machine

PV Modules Machine

Solar Modules---Loading Container

Solar Modules---Loading Container

Solar Modules Packing---2 CTN On Pallet

Solar Panel Exporting Packing

Solar Modules-Before Loading Container

Solar Modules Packing: Small Carton On Pallet

Solar Modules---Loading Container

Solar Modules---Loading Container

Solar Power---120W Series 8PC

Solar Panel Power Application

Solar Modules Applied Street Lights

Solar Panel Applied Street Lights

Dear Sir Or Purchasing Manager,
Thanks for your time reading our Mono & Poly Silicon solar modules website carefully, We aim to provide our clients with more professional, equitable, convenient services at a better price. We sincerely welcome your cooperation, if you need place sample/trial order for testing, pls contact us by email sales@brsolar.net, we will do our best to provide you good quality solar modules for long term cooperation.