Portable Traffic Signals

Portable Traffic Signal (PTS) set consists of two mini-trailers with mounted portable traffic signals, each with corner stands, radar detectors, control equipment and solar panels. Each traffic signal unit incorporates three 200mm high quality ultra-bright LED traffic signal lanterns and k-band radar vehicle detectors.

Product Details


The pair operates as a “master & slave” configuration with RF communications link (up to 2km line of sight wireless range between trailers). A radar unit detects approaching vehicles to allow automatic mode operation. A hand-held remote control unit is also included for manual operation. The mini-trailers feature aluminium/galvanised steel construction and are light enough to be moved by one person. They are designed to be connected together and towed as one unit, allowing the set to be transported to site with one vehicle.
Portable Traffic Signals are usually used for shuttle control operations where a section of the roadway is closed and opposing traffic needs to alternately use a shared single lane.
The Portable Traffic Signal that we produce is manufactured with high quality materials and weather resistant powder-coat finish. With low maintenance requirements, superior reliability and a long service life, our PTS is ideally suited for Australia’s environmental conditions, and conforms to RTA equipment specification - PTS/3 for portable traffic signal use and AS 4191-1994.


Ultra-bright LED 200mm traffic signals
Mini-trailer mounted
Low maintenance & servicing requirements
Long service life
Solar powered
Up to 2km line of sight wireless range between trailers
Radar vehicle detection
Wireless remote controller
Conforms to RTA equipment specification - PTS/3 for Portable Traffic Signal Use and AS 4191-1994 Options 

Fire extinguisher and Spare wheel


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